Learn Spanish in Mexico

Travel and learn Spanish in Mexico

Travel and Learn Spanish in Mexico City

Traveling has several goals. According to people, the objectives diverge. For some, the goal is to discover new landscapes, a new culture, to change ideas, to meet people and for others to learn a new language. That’s one of the reasons so many foreigners come to Mexico to learn Spanish.  

Here there are some tips for learning Spanish while traveling. Some of these tips are not always easy to implement, but try your best!


If you are traveling to learn Spanish but your level is not that good, it may be useful to get closer to a Spanish School. Whether in your country (before leaving) or once there, there are many language schools, some offer to learn Spanish easily with methods adapted to your level. Whether you are a beginner or already have a reasonable level that you want to improve, these schools can help you.

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One of the best ways to learn Spanish, but also, for some people, the most difficult is to practice. Go out, meet people and talk to these people. In a foreign country it is easy to meet people. Once a student told me that Tinder it is a good option for meeting people and you can “kill two birds with one stone”.

Hostels are a great way to meet people but don´t make the mistake of just hanging out with people of your same nationality. Speaking English is obviously not a good way to learn Spanish. Moreover speaking Spanish with foreigners (not local) is, in my opinion, a good first step to learn Spanish. The accent of your interlocutors (German, Spanish, Italian) will be less complicated to understand than that of the locals.

You can also join the language exchange meetups like this: https://www.meetup.com/es/Speak-Like-A-Mexican/



Another way to learn Spanish smoothly. Read books (simple) in Spanish in order to improve and acquire a little more vocabulary. You can also watch movies and series in Spanish. It is a well known method and very easy to set up that you can start in Mexico. I advise you (for testing) to put the subtitles in Spanish and not in English and to completely remove the subtitles. Our attention is mainly focused on reading, it becomes harder to assimilate the sounds.

TIP # 4: WORK!

Work to learn Spanish (and earn money). It is possible, if you decide for a long trip where you can work. Either a paid job or a volunteer that will allow not to run out of money. In addition to this financial advantage, it will allow you to be in contact with locals, to familiarize you with the accent (sometimes complicated). You will have no choice but to speak and understand what you are told, even if you will often have to ask your interlocutor to repeat. The accent is one of the biggest difficulties for people.

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