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imagine studying spanish a couple of days, and waking up speaking spanish just a few days later

"Our success rate is 100% and you can have real conversations in just 20 hours"

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We have decoded the Spanish Language and made it easier, so we focused in the most important part of the language: Conversation

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¿Why learning Spanish with us?

The keys from Speak Like a Mexican

track your progress

Each step you take is recorded, which allows you to measure what you are learning and motivate you to continue advancing in your learning.


Our mission is you to be the one that talk the most during the class


We have all learned things that we never use. In Speak Like a Mexican 100% of what you learn is used.


We works with daily challenges designed to produce the best result in the shortest time. Why? Because more results, more encouragement. 

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Our team at Speak Like a Mexican is closely monitoring the fast-evolving COVID‑19 situation, and we are taking every precaution recommended by the Mexican Ministry of Health.

As part of the efforts to practice social distancing and to still provide our students the opportunity to learn Spanish, we are temporarily bringing all our classes online, for both group and private classes.

We are looking to resume in-person classes as soon as the government consider is safe to do so.

Both current students and any future students who are looking to learn Spanish can be assured that they will receive the same attention and continuity in their learning.

For any further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US!

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