Hello, my name is Ricardo, and I am a Spanish teacher in Mexico City and I created this post to share my experiences with foreigners living in Mexico and learning Spanish. In this post I want to talk about some mexican series that will help you to improve your understand of Spanish. I have to say that I already watched them all and they got all my attention.

Spanish School in Mexico City

1.Club de Cuervos

The first series produced by Netflix in Spanish.

This series is not about football exclusively, it’s about what happens when power gets into the wrong hands. Football is only an excuse to talk about different topics that happen in Mexico such as corruption, politics, the relationship of soccer and media, family relations and power.

In Club de Cuervos it is used laughter as a persuasive tool to tell, sometimes explicitly, what Mexico is.

2.Narcos México

The new season of Narcos takes place in Mexico and explores the history, life and works of some of the most iconic, though infamous, characters in the twisted world of organized crime and drug trafficking.

Not everything you see on TV is real, you already know that very well. But some stories, like the one they chose to tell in Narcos Mexico, are based on characters and events that really happened.

The Netflix series marks the appearance of the Guadalajara cartel – located in the second largest city in Mexico.


This dramatic series tells the true story of the rise, capture and escape of the famous Mexican drug trafficking leader Joaquin «el Chapo» Guzmán.


This series tells the life of singer Luis Miguel, who has captivated audiences in Latin America and beyond for many decades.


The first lady of Mexico is a woman of convictions and ideals. But when she loses faith in her husband, she will need all her strength to discover the truth.

We created this contect to spread to other students of Spanish around the world. Feel free to contact me , if you want me to talk about other material or ways to improve your Spanish leave a comment below!




Do you want to learn in a funny and interesting way? Work your accent without repeating 100 times the same silly phrases found in the dusty books of schoolchildren? Do you like to sing in the shower? Do you want to speak Spanish easily? Music is your BEST TOOL!

Why learn Spanish with music?

Music and memory are intrinsically linked. There is one thing that advertisers have made us remember, it’s their music!

The impact of melodies proves that listening / repeating the words of a song is the best way to remember them. Immerse yourself in Latin music to capture the warm and singing accent of the Spanish language.

We all have songs that have marked us for life.

How are songs the key to learning Spanish? Music allows direct and dynamic interaction with language and culture.

5 steps to optimize your learning

  • Choose a song you like
  • Try to hear the song without looking at the text
  • Find and read the lyrics by searching for difficult words
  • Listen to the music with the lyrics
  • Listen again and sing!

Take time later to listen to the song once in a while. Repetition is one of the pillars of memorization.

Recently I discover some tools that help me to teach Spanish to my students.

Here is the list:


It is an easy and fun way to learn and improve your foreign languages skills, through the music videos and the lyrics of your favorite songs.

LyricsTraining also has a special Karaoke mode that lets you sing and enjoy the full lyrics.

Lyric Gaps

Lyric Gaps offers songs classified according to the language and level of difficulty of the lyrics. Once you have selected the song, you will be able to preview its clip. Then you can choose from different exercises proposed (karaoke, filling holes in the text of the song or multiple choice questions), classified by levels.

Spanish School in Mexico City

At any time, you can click on a word to get its translation (via Google Translation).

Teachers by registering for free on the site, can create personalized exercises or «flashcards» to help students memorize the vocabulary of the text.

The site works in a collaborative mode and everyone has the possibility to propose a new song, or to check the lyrics of a song deposited by another member on the site (the exercise being added only after three checks by different people).

So, do not hesitate to spend a few hours on your favorite songs to learn Spanish.

Finally, you will now spend a lot of time in the bathroom listening to your favorite songs and at the same time learn Spanish.

Check this out!

I hope this article has helped you learn Spanish.

I use this method practically every day.

Feel free to continue your learning by revising your vocabulary on your favorite blog and leave me a comment if you have questions.

We are a Spanish Language School located in Mexico City, and we create this contect to spread to other students of Spanish around the world. Feel free to contact me , if you want me to talk about other material or ways to improve your Spanish leave a comment below!


First stop in Latin America- Learn Spanish in Mexico City

First stop in Latin America- Learn Spanish in Mexico City

Spanish School in Mexico City

Learning Spanish? – doesn’t everyone speak English?

If you want to have a different experience it think you should!

Hello, my name is Ricardo, and I am a Spanish teacher and I created this post to share my experiences with foreigners living in Mexico and learning Spanish.

Over the years I´ve had several students from different nationalities, I always liked to learn languages and meet different people.

I traveled a couple of times in the south of Mexico, especially in Oaxaca and Quintana Roo, during these trips I met many travelers from different countries, what I liked about them was that they were always trying to say a few words in Spanish, and I think it was very cute and funny listen to a foreigner doing its best to connect with local people.

Now I´ve been living in Mexico City for almost 10 years, and during 3 years I´ve been teaching Spanish to foreigners.

I think what attracts foreigners to learn my mother tongue is that Spanish is a rich and beautiful language with sounds pleasant to your ears. Like other Latin languages, Spanish is as pleasant to talk and to listen.

Another reason to learn Spanish is that you can change your personality, for example when I speak French I feel that I am smart, elegant and sophisticated.

How do you feel when speaking Spanish?

I suppose Spanish sounds intense and emotional.

My students have different reasons to come to Mexico, I will list some of them:

  • They want to go out of their comfort zone
  • They want to live new experiences
  • Meet new people
  • Experience a different culture
  • Find love and romantic experiences
  • Immerse into the language
  • Enjoy the weather and save money
  • Eat tacos and taste new flavors

What are your reasons to learn Spanish?

I really like teaching to foreigners because all of these things listed above, so this year I decided to create my website and find more students that want to experience life in Mexico through the language.

We are a small size and warm Spanish School in Mexico City with a family-run atmosphere.

I´ve been teacher in other schools around the city but I was disappointed because of their impersonal attention, I felt bad for the students because they will only lose their money.

So I realized that I could offer a friendly, welcoming environment and highly personalized attention of a small school. 

I like to see my beginner students starting to speak Spanish, sometimes we go out to the local market to negotiate prices and learn new vocabulary and expresions.

Spanish School in Mexico City

Also they can buy bus tickets or ask for other information. With Spanish in Mexico you can open doors, as people are usually open-minded, curious and not racist towards foreigners.

Also I created a Spanish Conversation Club for all foreigners learning Spanish in Mexico City, I organize it every week and it´s published on Meetup website, so if you are in Mexico and want to have a conversation come it is free!

The main goal is just to practice conversation in a fun and relaxed way.

How I teach and what strategies you can use

My aim is to use the language as quickly as possible with a real approach.

I focus in conversation, we have results because we have small groups

  • We do presentations of different topics
  • We emulate conversations
  • We learn to describe situations
  • We create stories
  • We read novels and listen to them
  • We write letters

What are the advantages of learning Spanish when traveling in Latin America?

I am convinced that learning Spanish for your travel to South America will pay off.

Many travelers with whom I spoke, were already traveling in Asia, and they told me that is impossible to prepare for the different languages.

In South America, however, that is different. Spanish is spoken almost everywhere. So it really makes sense to prepare for the trip to South America with Spanish.

Why choose Mexico as a first destination to learn Spanish?

If you plan a multi-month backpacker trip through Central or South America, then I recommend you to choose Mexico as a first location. Here are my thoughts:

Mexico has been a popular tourist destination for several years. Especially the Yucatan peninsula  in the east, that has attracted visitors from all over the world. With Caribbean dream beaches and the enormous Chichen Itza Mayan Temple. But Mexico is much more. You will read in this article what the Latin American country has to offer you.

Spanish School in Mexico City

1. Food: the Mexican elixir of life

Do you like to cook? Do you like Spanish? Why not do both?

Tacos, burritos and tequila. Not for nothing Mexican cuisine was chosen by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Do you recognize names like Mole, Ceviche, Quesadillas or Tamales?

Spanish School in Mexico City

From the street stands to the award-winning kitchens: Mexican food is a mixture of traditional methods of prehispanic cultures such as Mayas and Aztecs and Spanish cuisine.

While in Mexico you can look for a Spanish Language School that offers lessons for cooking typical Mexican dishes! What a better way to immerse into the language and discover the secrets of the most famous recipes of Mexico!

2. The Popocatepetl & other volcanoes

Do you like hiking? What a better way to learn Spanish while doing one or your favorites activities?

In the center of Mexico is located the Popocatepetl volcano that means something like «strong smoking mountain». Due to its activity, however, its «twin sister» Iztaccíhuatl is more suitable for hiking, as this volcano is not active anymore. From the slopes of the neighboring volcano you can enjoy wonderful views of the smoking Popocatepetl. In addition to the two twin volcanoes, numerous other volcanoes characterize the landscape of Mexico.

Spanish School in Mexico City

So if you want to practice Spanish I recommend you to take a tour with locals or ask if your Spanish Language School organize a trip to the volcanoes!

3. Pyramids: Mayan & Aztec architectural arts

As already mentioned, the Mayan pyramid Chichen Itza in the north of the Yucatan peninsula is probably the largest and most famous pyramid in Mexico.

Spanish School in Mexico City

In addition, there are many other Mayan sites, just as impressive, but often less crowded. Like the jungle-covered Palenque, where you climb the pyramids while listening to the sound of the monkeys in the trees.

Another impressive Mayan city named Calakmul, these ruins represent one of the last discoveries of the Mayan civilization in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Ask your Spanish Language School if there are organized trips to Archeological sites!

Spanish School in Mexico City

Archeology meets aesthetics in Tulum, where the Mayan ruins perch directly on the palm-fringed Caribbean beach.

Spanish School in Mexico City

In the surroundings of Mexico City you can find the probably most imposing pyramids: Teotihuacán, means something like «where you become a god».

As unspeakable as the name, so magically the feeling when walking through the extensive grounds.

4. Cenotes: mystical freshwater caves

Unreal, magical, beautiful. This is how the legendary freshwater caves on the Yucatan Peninsula can be described in a few words. The cenotes invite you to dive, snorkel and cool down in the often muggy heat of eastern Mexico.

Spanish School in Mexico City

Take a tour, go alone or ask your Spanish Language School if there are organized trips to these beautiful sites.

So now that you know some wonderful places in Mexico and activities to do for improving your Spanish, I want to talk about some advises for learning Spanish before going to Mexico and while being there.

Of course it is possible to find the Spanish Language School independently on the web. But you should keep in mind that not all schools are equally flexible and you may have to look for the one that better suits you.

Also you have to be aware if the Spanish Language School is really good for you. Some Schools can be contacted before your arrival to Mexico, so I recommend you to contact them via Skype and have a talk with them, so this way you will see if special attention is offered.

Spanish Language Schools offer a variety of courses from one-to-one lessons to group courses. Ambitious students can also take the DELE exam course. And if the language is not enough, you will find interesting combination with cooking or dancing classes.

How long do you need to learn Spanish?

The minimum course length is two weeks and can be extended as desired. How long it takes you to reach your learning goal depends on your motivation, your previous knowledge and probably also your talent.

Why attending a Spanish Language School pays off?

However, a language course not only helps you to communicate while traveling but also has a number of other benefits:

A language certificate looks good in your CV – at least much better than a backpacker trip of several months.

The importance of Spanish in the business world is not as big as that of English. Nevertheless, an additional qualification helps you to find a job.

Language is the key to culture. When you understand the logic of a language, you often realize why people in another culture are the way they are.

Many travelers visit a language school (mostly in Mexico or Guatemala) before their big trip to Latin America. If you are traveling alone, a Spanish language school is a good place to find a travel companion.

Spanish School in Mexico City

In general, attending a Spanish language schools will pay off because you will find a guide that will help you in your journey to learn the language.