5 Mexican singers you can listen while you learn Spanish

5 mexican singers you can listen while you learn Spanish

In this blog we will start with of the Mexican singers I recommend you listen while you learn Spanish.

In this section of the Speak Like a Mexican Blog  I am going to teach you some tips for you to learn Mexican Spanish Online and in this case we’re going to focus on Spanish comprehensive skills. Remember that every new thing you learn is a step towards greater understanding and fluency in the Spanish language. 

5 Mexican singers

1. Mexican Singer #1 Juan Gabriel

Juan Gabriel is one of the best Mexican singers. Originally from the state of Michoacán, he is one of the composers that should be in your musical repertoire if you want to know more about Mexican music, since his musical rhythms have had a great influence on Mexican music.

I highly recommend listening to this song.

2. Mexican Singer #2 Alejandro Fernández

He is a Mexican ranchera singer who mixes a Mexican pop rhythm in his songs. It is essential to listen to him because you will feel like having a tequila in the company of your friends. Alejandro Fernandez is originally from the State of Jalisco.

I recommend you to listen to this song.

5 mexican spanish singers you can listen while you learn spanish

3. Mexican singer #3 Julieta Venegas

Julieta Venegas is one of the best known Mexican artists worldwide, as her style of music is Latin pop that is worth listening to.

A curious fact is that Julieta Venegas is of dual nationality, she is Mexican and American.

One of my favorite Julieta Venegas songs is “Limón y Sal”, it is a song to dedicate to that special person in your life.

4. Mexican Singer #4 Carlos Rivera

Carlos Rivera is an artist originally from my home state of Tlaxcala.

His musical style is a combination of pop, mariachi and ballad. His particular style is very fresh, and it is a delight to listen to his lyrics. You may remember the song that became famous from the movie “Coco”. Well, he is the one who sings the song “Recuerdame”.

And if you´re interested in knowing more about my state, Carlos Rivera made a song about my state where he mentions also the beautiful places you can visit there.

5. Mexican Singer #5 José José

And if you like a more classic, old-timey sound with intense lyrics, then there’s the king of the song, José José.

His songs are so intense that they take you to the deepest emotions of love and heartbreak songs.

José José is originally from Mexico City.

Here is a video of one of my favorite songs of him.

Bonus. Mexican Singer #6 Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel is one of the most beloved Mexican singers in Latin America, as his talent as an interpreter is impressive.

he is originally from puerto rico, however he acquired the mexican nationality years later.

Luis Miguel is one of my favorite singers and I highly recommend listening to him live.

I hope you liked these recommendations of Mexican singers that you can listen to in order to learn Spanish.

Please let me know in the comments if you have another recommendation of Mexican singers, I’ll appreciate a lot the recommendations 

I recommend you listen to them so you can follow their lyrics and learn vocabulary. you can have a look on this blog post where I teach you how you can learn Spanish by listen to music and remember that if you want to improve your conversation skills you can take a trial lesson with us.

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