What are the best books to learn Mexican Spanish? – 3 Options

The team of Speak like a Mexican wants to show you 3 of the best books to learn Mexican Spanish because over the years of teaching experience we have used many teaching resources. When we started teaching, there were only Spanish books based on the variety of Spain. We used those books and the students were confused with the vocabulary, we taught the vocabulary used in Spain and in Mexico, and we were told by the students that they did not care about those words used in Spain.

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Luckily, after a few years the publishers issued some books with the vocabulary used in Mexico, and nowadays, we always use those versions.

In this post we want to share with you the books that will help you from the very first moment to focus on Mexican Spanish, the vocabulary, structures, and verbs used in Mexico and some countries in Latin America.

1. Aula America

This is by far the best textbook for beginners. This book is used in a classroom environment, if you are studying by yourself we do not recommend this book, because there are no explanations and everything is in Spanish. But we do recommend you this book if you want to use it as a compliment from your lessons. 

What we like about this book is the structure, you will start with the basic vocabulary and you will be able to track your progress. It is very well organized and follows a sequential order. It follows The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, The six reference levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

There are many exercises, charts with vocabulary and verb conjugations. This book is not boring because it includes images and cartoons and the vocabulary is presented in context and at the same time it presents very interesting cultural content.

When you finish Aula America part 1, you will master the most common verbs in present tense, past and imperfect tense, as well as present progressive. You will have an idea how to conjugate verbs, reflexive verbs and the gusta verb so you will have to start part 2. You will not be overwhelmed with a bunch of different topics, your progress will be gradual. So, for sure is one of the best books to learn Mexican Spanish.

2. Español en Marcha

This book like Aula America also contains vocabulary used in Mexico and Latino America, presents cultural content, also follows a sequential order.

We love these books because of the vocabulary presented in context, the pictures and the colors. If you want to feel motivated when grabbing a Spanish textbook follow our advice.

If you study from A1 (Beginner level) to B2 (intermediate level) in any of these books you will get a solid knowledge of the language. It is definitely one of the best books to learn Mexican Spanish.

3. Manual del Español coloquial de México

If you are interested in Mexican culture and you want to visit Mexico or you start consuming mexican content like series or movies, you will notice that there are some words that were not included in your textbooks, probably they are “colloquialisms”, so we recommend you to get “El manual del Español coloquial de México” because it is without any doubt one of the best books to learn Mexican Spanish.

This book covers expressions used in relationships, at the doctor appointment, idioms, jokes and sayings. Many words in this book are used in the daily life of a mexican. 

If you are studying Spanish at the moment we recommend you to get these books, and if you want to learn by yourself, we strongly recommend “Madrigal’s magic key to Spanish

This is an effective guide to learn the basics of Spanish, you can teach yourself with this book. It’s written in English and contains only useful vocabulary and drills and also if you need more resources for you learning we recommend to you to check this apps to learn Spanish.

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