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5 platforms for free online Spanish courses & classes online

Wooww!! Can you believe it? Free Online Spanish courses ? Yes, it is possible, and I am very happy to share with you these resources where you can learn and improve your Spanish.

Sometimes we have the initiative to learn but not the money to pay for some courses and that can be frustrating for some, more in the case of the students that it will always be very good to learn 1 or 2 foreign languages to have more options in the job market.

But there is good news, the courses I am going to share with you can be taken for free.

1. Duolingo Spanish lessons

free online spanish courses

This famous app gives you the possibility to play and learn a language from your mobile, with at least 5 minutes a day. So if you don’t have that much free time, this is the tool for you to improve your learning.

4. Lengaliga Spanish courses

In Lengalia you will find programs divided into different categories such as: beginner, professional, pronunciation, videos and podcast.

One of the resources I like is that you can find explanations in English of the grammar for all levels.

online spanish classes

4. Free online Spanish courses at Youtube

Yes, one of the best known places to learn about almost any subject. Who hasn’t learned something here?

The important thing is to know how to use this powerful tool. I recommend you to look up some grammar at your level and look for content in the language you want to learn to start practicing your skills.

Tip: On this platform you can adjust the playback speed, so this gives you the possibility to listen to videos with real life phrases.

3. Online Spanish courses at Udemy

With over 100 courses, Udemy gives you the opportunity to learn any language from almost any level. There are courses from basic to advanced.

What I like most about Udemy is that you can find free courses of very good quality and also, if possible, you can buy an excellent course at a very low price.

Remember that if you want to achieve some goal, the secret is in the constancy.

5. Spanish lessons at Coursera

One of the main advantages of using these courses is the possibility of finding free online Spanish courses for different real-life situations. You will learn basic vocabulary and everyday phrases.

medical spanish classes

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