Learn Spanish in Mexico

Learn Spanish for beginners during your commute

Learn Spanish for beginners during your commute

I want to share a few sources to learn Spanish for beginners during your commute.

Your commute to and from work or school is the perfect time to Learn Spanish! Of course we know that because of our daily routine it seem impossible to find the right place and time to practice or study.

Here is a little guide with some practical tools that can be used either in your way to work or while doing multitasking (cooking, cleaning, working out, etc.).

Audio clips…..

«I would like to listen to Audios in Spanish but I do not understand anything»

Todo normal! Claro que no entiendes! It’s perfectly normal to understand nothing at first! But, how do you deal with that?

First, you will play your podcast or audio clip while doing other activities.

You will tell me «well pfff I do not understand anything so it’s useless», False! Certainly you have the impression that it is useless because you are in passive learning but your ear begins to get used to the sounds of the language.

Soon words will come out of your mouth and you’re going to ask, «where does that come from?» This moment is magic! You’re going to tell me this method is great, it’s simple! Yes it is simple but obviously, it is not enough.

Second, this time, you will pay attention to this podcast, even if you do not understand everything or even «nothing». Concentrate a little and find some words of vocabulary.

Write them down on a piece of paper, then look for the translation. I recommend you to use Translate by Speech of Google. This way you can learn more vocabulary.

So, let´s take a look of my recommendations.

1. Book2

I strongly recommend this one, this is very useful for beginners and it is free.

It offers 100 lessons, covering a broad range of topics such as: numbers, colors, travel situations, verb forms, and a small amount of business conversation.

Users can click any phrase to repeat it as needed. Users can also download audio files (MP3) containing one or two languages.

In the app, learners can record their own voice for comparison with the recorded voice.

Spanish School in Mexico

2. Audio Lingua

In this website you can enjoy Spanish podcasts for all levels. You can even choose your podcast according to your level: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2. They deal with various topics of daily life.

It’s up to you to choose your subject, the level and even the voice and accent. Also you can download the MP3 file.

3. Audiobooks

I want to recommend this Audiobook that I found in Youtube, it is very good for beginners because the story it all happens in present tense. You can download this file by using this convert into mp3.

I hope you have found useful this recommendations. Tell me in the comments if you are ready to put podcasts in Spanish every moment of your life to progress even faster. Total immersion to have quick results and soon speak Spanish.

We are a Spanish Language School located in Mexico City, and we create this contect to spread to other students of Spanish around the world. Feel free to contact me , if you want me to talk about other material or ways to improve your Spanish leave a comment below!

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