How to improve your Spanish: only 10 minutes a day with this simple exercise!

How to improve your Spanish: only 10 minutes a day with this simple exercise!

Hello! My name is Carlos, and I’m a Spanish teacher in Mexico City, I speak several languages, over the past couple of years I tried different resources to learn a language by my own.

The following excercise is very useful when you don’t have someone with whom to practice a language.

I create small stories about someone’s daily life, you can also create your’s!

Try to translate at least two paragraphs every day, this will help you to improve your confidence when speaking.

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I recommend you to translate by your own, and then check it on google translate if it correspond to the actual text.

Let´s start…

  • Hi, my name is Tom. Tom Smith. I am from United States. Now I am living in Mexico City, currently I am learning Spanish in a School, also I use Duolingo, and I like to talk with locals.
  • I am an entrepreneur and digital nomad. I am starting my own company. I just moved to Mexico this month. My life is very interesting. My family says it’s not interesting, but I think it’s very good.
Spanish School in Mexico City present tense
  • I am alone. I have no wife, no dog, no cat. I have an apartment. That’s not bad. And also I like to travel and dancing salsa. I am planning to travel to Colombia to improve my salsa moves.
  • In the morning I eat tamales and atole. I take a shower for ten minutes and get dress very quickly. I start working very early in the morning, about at 8 am.
Study Spanish in Mexico City
  • I am so busy, I have to talk with clients in China and Japan. In the afternoon I have lunch in a cafe shop and talk. At 7pm I go to the park to work out. And sometimes at night, I eat pizza and have a drink with my friends.
  • In the evening at home I watch TV, football. Then I sleep. I like to live in Mexico, food it is so good and places are beautiful.
Study Spanish in Mexico City

I hope this was useful for you. We are a Spanish School located in Mexico City, and we like to share and prepare materials for an effective learning. If you have further questions leave me a message.

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