Mexican Spanish Podcast #22 – Spanish Lesson -A1-A2- Reflexive verbs – part 1


By Carlos & Ricardo

Do you want to learn Spanish from Mexico? Well, you are in the best place with the “Speak Like a Mexican Spanish School” team.

With the Mexican Spanish podcast from “Speak Like a Mexican Spanish school” you will be able to listen to conversations in Spanish about different topics about daily life in Mexico and the Mexican culture.

#22 - Mexican Spanish Podcast - Reflexive verbs - Part 1

mexican spanish podcast 22 - spanish lesson

Hello friends and lovers of Spanish Language!

We recorded a Podcast about Spanish Reflexive Verbs, this is a common topic when learning Spanish and sometimes difficult, but in this episode I am trying to do it easier. Please check the conjugations below, and I recommend you to follow the audio with this transcript.


This is part 1 of the Spanish Reflexive Verbs. Let`s check the verbs:

Bañarse: (yo) me baño, (tú) te bañas, (él, ella) se baña, (nosotros) nos bañamos, (ellos) se bañan, (ustedes) se bañan

Despertarse: me despierto, te despiertas, se despierta, nos despertamos, se despiertan

Acostarse: me acuesto, te acuestas, se acuesta, nos acostamos, se acuestan

Levantarse: me levanto, te levantas, se levanta, nos levantamos, se levantan

Llamarse: me llamo, te llamas, se llama, nos llamamos, se llaman

Ponerse: me pongo, te pones, se pone, nos ponemos, se ponen

Quitarse: me quito, te quitas, se quita, nos quitamos, se quitan

Sentarse: me siento, te sientas, se sienta, nos sentamos, se sientan

Vestirse: me visto, te vistes, se viste, nos vestimos, se visten

Cepillarse: me cepillo, te cepillas, se cepilla, nos cepillamos, se cepillan

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