Mexican Spanish Podcast #23 – Spanish Lesson -A1-A2- Reflexive verbs – part 2


By Carlos & Ricardo

Do you want to learn Spanish from Mexico? Well, you are in the best place with the “Speak Like a Mexican Spanish School” team.

With the Mexican Spanish podcast from “Speak Like a Mexican Spanish school” you will be able to listen to conversations in Spanish about different topics about daily life in Mexico and the Mexican culture.

#23 - Mexican Spanish Podcast - Reflexive verbs - Part 2

mexican spanish podcast 23 - reflexive verbs

Hola amigos!

This is the part 2 of the Spanish Reflexive verbs, we talk about the verbs that describe a physical change or condition.

Let´s conjugate the verbs


Alejarse- (yo) me alejo, (tú) te alejas, (él,ella) se aleja, (nosotros) nos alejamos, (ellos) se alejan, (ustedes) se alejan

Cansarse- me canso, te cansas, se cansa, nos cansamos, se cansan

Enfermarse- me enfermo, te enfermas, se enferma, nos enfermamos, se enferman

Moverse- me muevo, te mueves, se mueve, nos movemos, se mueven

Mojarse- me mojo, te mojas, se moja, nos mojamos, se mojan

Mudarse- me mudo, te mudas, se muda, nos mudamos, se mudan

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