Mexican Spanish Podcast #24 – Spanish Lesson -A1-A2- Reflexive verbs – part 3


By Carlos & Ricardo

Do you want to learn Spanish from Mexico? Well, you are in the best place with the “Speak Like a Mexican Spanish School” team.

With the Mexican Spanish podcast from “Speak Like a Mexican Spanish school” you will be able to listen to conversations in Spanish about different topics about daily life in Mexico and the Mexican culture.

#24 - Mexican Spanish Podcast - Reflexive verbs - Part 3

mexican spanish podcast 24 - reflexive verbs

Hola amigos! Reflexive verbs that describe an change of perception.

Esta es la parte 3 de los verbos reflexivos, por favor escriban los verbos en su libreta! Remember some of these verbs have a preposition.

Vamos a estudiar!


Acordarse (de): (yo) me acuerdo, (tú) te acuerdas, (él,ella) se acuerda, (nosotros) nos acordamos, (ellos) se acuerdan, (ustedes) se acuerdan

Acostumbrarse (a): me acostumbro, te acostumbras, se acostumbra, nos acostumbramos, se acostumbran

Darse cuenta (de): me doy cuenta, te das cuenta, nos damos cuenta, se dan cuenta

Enterarse (de): me entero, te enteras, se entera, nos enteramos, se enteran

Fijarse (en): me fijo, te fijas, se fija, nos fijamos, se fijan

Interesarse (por): me intereso, te interesas, se interesa, nos interesamos, se interesan

Nos vemos en la parte número 4 para continuar estudiando mas verbos reflexivos!

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