Mexican Spanish Podcast #26 – Spanish Lesson -A1-A2- Reflexive verbs – Part 5


By Carlos & Ricardo

Do you want to learn Spanish from Mexico? Well, you are in the best place with the “Speak Like a Mexican Spanish School” team.

With the Mexican Spanish podcast from “Speak Like a Mexican Spanish school” you will be able to listen to conversations in Spanish about different topics about daily life in Mexico and the Mexican culture.

#26 - Mexican Spanish Podcast - Reflexive verbs - Part 5

mexican spanish podcast 26 - reflexive verbs

Hola amigos! This is part 5 of the reflexive verbs, about the verbs that change the meaning with the reflexive pronoun.

Estamos de regreso con la parte 5 de los verbos reflexivos, espero sea muy útil!

Vamos a conjugar los verbos!


Despedirse- (yo) me despido, (tú) te despides, (él, ella) se despide, (nosotros) nos despedimos, (ellos) se despiden, (ustedes) se despiden

Irse- me voy, te vas, se va, nos vamos, se van

Llevarse bien/mal- me llevo bien/mal, te llevas bien/mal, se lleva bien/mal, nos llevamos bien/mal, se llevan bien/mal

Meterse- me meto, te metes, se mete, nos metemos, se meten

Please follow us in the next and last episode of reflexive verbs in present tense.

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