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If you’ve learned any Spanish before, you probably focused on learning grammar, vocab and perhaps pronunciation.

And the only way to become confident having conversations in Spanish is having lots of conversations in Spanish.

To ensure that participants are placed in the appropriate level, all students must take an online Spanish placement test and register into the corresponding generic course.

Once students have taken a placement test they will be placed in one of the following courses:

This lesson is extremely important, the teacher and student get to know each other and you can decide if you work well together.

We will show you our methodology and our programm, also this allow us to get to know you as an individual.

1. Schedule a free Spanish lesson

Send us an e-mail and we will reach you out to schedule the free trial Spanish lesson.

2. Receive the details of the video call

A teacher will provide you with the details of the video call.

3. Take a free 30 min trial Spanish lesson

Our teachers will help figure out your current level and goals in learning Spanish. 

Your first Spanish lesson is considered a trial lesson, and it is absolutely free!

We will discuss the students’ main goals and learning difficulties. In addition to this, it is during this time that the Spanish teacher may determine the level of the student.

The free trial Spanish lesson lasts 30 minutes and consists of the following parts:

A free Spanish lesson is guaranteed to every student, independent of the number of lessons he or she would like to receive.


With Speak like a Mexican we make it super easy to start having the kinds of conversations you want to have without learning the unnecessary vocabulary.  

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