Spanish Immersion in Mexico City

Learn Spanish and Experience Mexico City in a different way .

Spanish Immersion in Mexico City is an experience

It’s the perfect opportunity to practice and develop your conversational skills!

5-day of full Spanish Immersion

Spanish immersion in mexico city

spanish immersion in mexico city


Join our most vibrant course for Spanish immersion in Mexico City 


We have open spots every Monday, please send us an email for more information.

You get to enjoy a fun-filled itinerary where you'll spend two hours learning Spanish, and the rest of the time exploring the beautiful city of Mexico while engaging in lively Spanish conversations!

Not only that, but you'll also have plenty of opportunities to put your newly acquired language skills to use! You'll get to participate in a variety of exciting activities such as cooking, dancing, taking the bus, going to markets, hiking, and much more.

A Typical day at the Spanish Immersion in mexico city



10:00 am



Activities (exploring the city)


lively Spanish conversations

Spanish Immersion in Mexico city by Speak Like a Mexican

Real Spanish Conversation

Commit yourself to speak Spanish all day

Well-planned content

Whatever your level of study, our programs are designed to improve your language skills

Discover Mexico City

Learn Spanish while discovering Mexico City

Live Like Locals

You will do local activities while practicing Spanish


The opportunity to explore language and culture through in field activities

Watch the following video!

Activities of the Spanish Immersion in Mexico City

Each day of your Spanish immersion in Mexico City is built around a different theme that ties together daily language classes, cultural activities and interactions with locals.

Availability Of the Spanish Immersion Programs

We have open spots each Monday, please send us an email for more information.

Spanish Immersion in Mexico City (Intensive)

4 hours daily
$ 566
Per Week
  • Language immersion program
  • Spanish Lessons
  • Lively Spanish Conversations
  • Cooking class
  • Going to markets, learn how to explore Mexico City
spanish immersion in mexico city


  • Entrances
  • Language lessons
  • Full time language immersion program
  • Guided sightseeing  
  • learning through experience

Not Included

  • International flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Additional activities
  • A private room at hotel
  • Alcoholic drinks, souvenirs, and tips

Start Speaking Spanish like a Mexican

Experience the Spanish language with our team.

Our method has been tested

Spanish immersion in mexico city
spanish immersion in mexico city


This is a perfect way to understand your goals in learning Spanish

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