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Spanish Lessons Online – Personal pronouns Subject in Spanish

Spanish lessons online – Personal pronouns Subject in Spanish

Lesson number 1 – Personal pronouns Subject

We’re going to learn in this Spanish lesson online the personal pronouns subject, these ones are the most important pronouns, and the “basics” of the Spanish language. They are used in place of a noun, which describes who we are talking about or who talks about what. Thanks to the use of the pronoun, as in the English language, we will know to whom the person refers in his speech. To put it simply, here is a summary table of personal pronouns in Spanish:

You (informal)
UstedYou (Formal)
Nosotros, NosotrasWe
Ellos, EllasThey
UstedesYou all

Note: in Spanish, the subject personal pronoun is omitted when the answer is fairly obvious

For example, will not say “yo voy a la tienda” but “voy a la tienda” (I’m going to the shop). If the person uses the “yo”, it will mark an insistence, generally, to make a comparison or a reproach, in the sense of “me, I go to the store (unlike you)”.

We will use little “usted” in Spanish as a pronoun

Here are some examples of use of personal pronouns subject in Spanish:

My name is Carlos => (yo) me llamo Carlos
You know the problem well => Usted conoce bien el problema
They don’t understand => ellos no entienden
We go to the store => (nosotros) vamos a la tienda.
These pronouns are associated only with people and interlocutors, not with things or objects.

Personal pronouns designate participants in a speech, whether they are people, animals, or things. If you need further explanation, check this website.

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