Where to learn Mexican Spanish? | A Quick Guide

Looking for the best place to learn Mexican Spanish? Well, the answer is simple: Mexico! But before we dive into that, let’s explore how Mexican Spanish differs from other variants. Just like any language, Spanish has regional differences, with the most popular variants being Spanish from Spain and Mexican Spanish.

Spanish is the fourth most spoken language globally, after Mandarin, English, and Hindi. By speaking Spanish, you can connect with over 450 million people worldwide.

Now, let’s distinguish between the two major variants: European Spanish, spoken in Spain, and the Spanish you’ll hear in the Americas. Within South and Central America, there are significant differences in pronunciation and vocabulary.

Where to learn Spanish ?

What is Mexican Spanish?

Mexican Spanish is considered to be relatively easy for non-native speakers to understand and learn. In Mexico, people generally speak a bit slower and enunciate more clearly compared to other Spanish-speaking regions.

What makes Mexico unique is that, in addition to Spanish, many indigenous languages are spoken here, which have also influenced Mexican Spanish over time. With over 120 million inhabitants, Mexico is a vibrant country. While Spanish (Mexican Spanish) is the official language, many people also speak indigenous languages such as Maya, Nahuatl, and Zapoteco.

Indigenous words and expressions have been incorporated into various aspects of life, including botany, everyday conversations, and cuisine.

In recent years, the English language has had a significant impact on Mexican Spanish, thanks to its neighboring country, the United States. Especially among the younger population, you may come across Anglicisms.

Learn Spanish in Mexico City

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If you have the opportunity to come to Mexico to learn Spanish, we highly recommend starting with Mexico City. As a bustling metropolis, it offers all the amenities you need to feel safe and enjoy your stay. From coworking spaces and parks to coffee shops and international restaurants, Mexico City boasts a large expat community. So, you won’t experience much of a cultural shock as it is an international city. There are numerous Spanish schools, activities to practice the language, and social events to meet new people.

Even if you don’t speak any Spanish, you can still manage and make local friends. Many people in the city are fluent in English.

Moreover, the Spanish spoken in the capital is clear and easily understandable.

Mexican Spanish in other states

Now, if you prefer a more immersive experience in a smaller city, Oaxaca City is an excellent choice. The expat community here is not as large, and fewer locals speak English. This provides you with ample opportunities to practice Spanish in various situations. Oaxaca is also renowned for its local cuisine, with fewer international restaurants. If you’re serious about learning Mexican Spanish, we recommend staying in Oaxaca for a few months and immersing yourself in the local culture. Explore the markets, seize every chance to speak Spanish, engage in conversations with waiters at coffee shops, order popcorn in Spanish at the cinema, and venture where the locals go.

While there are other cities worth considering, the two mentioned above are our top recommendations for learning Mexican Spanish, especially if you prefer a smoother transition and an expat community.

If you’re planning to live and work in Mexico, we encourage you to make an effort to speak Spanish in every situation. It may present some challenges, but the rewards are enormous. Speaking Mexican Spanish will open doors for you in relationships, work opportunities, travel, and learning about the culture.

If coming to Mexico isn’t feasible for you, we suggest learning Mexican Spanish online. Look for a teacher from Mexico or a Spanish school based in Mexico. Additionally, you can request the recommended books mentioned in this post to enhance your learning experience.

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where to learn mexican spanish, where to learn mexican spanish

where to learn mexican spanish

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