5 Best Books in Spanish for Beginners

If you enjoy reading and learning about Mexican culture, I recommend taking a look at these books in Spanish for beginners. These books not only stood out for their popularity when they were published, but also for their entertaining stories that offer insight into Mexico from a few years ago. If you come across any unfamiliar words, be sure to research them with a dictionary or online and take your time reading without pressure to finish quickly.

Remember that if you come across words that you don’t understand, it’s important to research them using a dictionary or the internet. Don’t rush to finish the book as quickly as possible; instead, read at your own pace and without pressure.

List of books for beginners


The novel is known for its peculiar literary style, which combines a romantic plot with elements of Mexican culture and the use of food as a metaphor for the emotions and relationships of the characters. Tita is a talented cook, and her dishes have a special power to evoke and influence the emotions of those who eat them.

In summary, “Como agua para chocolate” is a story of love and defiance of traditions that deals with themes such as the role of women in society, emotional repression and the search for personal freedom.


In summary, “Relato de un náufrago” is an inspiring and moving story about human resilience and the ability to fight against all odds. Although it is a true story, it is also considered a masterpiece of Latin American literature and has been translated into several languages.

The story is adapted from the real-life experience of shipwrecked Luis Alejandro Velasco, who was adrift in the Caribbean Sea for eleven days after his boat sank.

The book chronicles Velasco’s struggle to survive the extreme conditions he faced during his time at sea, including loneliness, hunger, thirst, and the constant threat of sharks. As he fights to stay alive, he reflects on his past life and the events that led him to be in this perilous situation.


The protagonist of the novel is a scientist who becomes disillusioned with the rationalism of his profession and his society, and in the end, returns to nature and the Basque tradition.

Through his character, Baroja explores themes such as social alienation, the search for identity and the impact of industrialization on human life. In the novel, the protagonist returns to nature and Basque traditions in search of a sense of belonging and purpose.


A group of friends, engaging in seemingly inconsequential conversations, reveal the monotony of their lives, their fears, anxieties, and other aspects of their life experiences. However, their lives are transformed when a new German teacher arrives in town.


If you find the books mentioned earlier to be a bit too complex, I recommend starting with some short stories instead. They are easier to understand and will help you get familiar with Mexican literature.

Some short stories I recommend are:

  • “El patito feo”, de Hans Christian Andersen.
  • “El flautista de Hamelin” de los hermanos Grimm
  • El Gato con Botas” de Charles Perrault.
  • “La zorra y el león” de Esopo.

Maybe you already know some of these stories and if so it is a great idea to read them again but this time in Spanish.

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books in spanish for beginners

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