Medical Vocabulary in Spanish / 5 categories of medical vocabulary

Hello everyone! We at Speak Like a Mexican want to share with you some medical vocabulary in Spanish of the most common words and terms that every foreign doctor studying Spanish should learn. If you are a foreigner working in the medical field in Mexico or any other Spanish speaking country, this blog is for you.

Medical Vocabulary in Spanish

To begin with, I want to tell you that when we work in the medical field, it is key to understand that words and terms in Spanish may be different from those used in other languages such as English. Therefore, learning some basic words and concepts is fundamental to communicate efficiently with our patients and colleagues. Here are some examples that we consider essential:

1. Vocabulary of Symptoms in Spanish

Symptoms: Some of the most common symptoms heard at the doctor’s office are: 

medical vocabulary in spanish

Fever – Fiebre 

Headache –  Dolor de Cabeza 

Sore throat – Dolor de Garganta

Stomach pain –  Dolor de estómago 

Back pain – Dolor de espalda 

Cough –  Tos 

Fatigue –  Fatiga

Dizziness – Mareo / Vértigo 

Nausea – Náuseas 

2. Vocabulary of Diseases in Spanish

It is important to know the names of the most common diseases. Some examples are:

medical vocabulary in spanish

Diabetes – Diabetes

Hypertension – Hipertensión

Asthma – Asma 

pneumonia – Neumonía

Cancer – Cáncer


3. Vocabulary of the human body in Spanish

It is essential to know the basic medical terminology of the parts of the human body, such as:

medical vocabulary in spanish

heart – corazón

lungs – pulmones

liver – hígado

stomach – estómago

intestines – intestinos

brain – cerebro

bones – huesos

4. Vocabulary of treatments in Spanish

There are different treatments that are used to treat diseases. It is important to know the names of medications

medical vocabulary in Spanish

physical therapy – terapia física

occupational therapy – terapia ocupacional

surgery – cirugía

chemotherapy – quimioterapia

radiation therapy – terapia de radiación

5. Vocabulary of medical procedures in Spanish

Medical procedures: Sometimes medical procedures are required to diagnose or treat illnesses. Some of the most common procedures are:

medical vocabulary in spanish

blood tests – análisis de sangre

x-rays – radiografías

CT scans – tomografías computarizadas

ultrasounds – ultrasonidos

electrocardiograms – electrocardiogramas

At Speak Like a Mexican, we offer customized classes specifically designed to help foreigners improve their fluency in medical Spanish and communicate effectively with their patients and colleagues. Our teachers are willing to adapt the content and pace of the classes to the specific needs of each student.

Medical Terminology in Mexico

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