Tip in Mexico | How Much to Tip? 10%-15%?

In Mexico, tipping is expected in many common situations, such as when dining out, having your room cleaned, or taking a taxi. When you visit a restaurant or coffee shop, it’s important to remember that the tip in mexico is a significant part of the waiter’s income, and sometimes it’s even their only source of income. That’s why tipping has such an important role in tourism in Mexico, just as it does in the USA.

How to tip in Mexico ?

In Mexico, the term for tipping is “propina”. Tipping between 10% and 20% of the total bill is generally expected in restaurants, but it’s not always explicitly stated. If you receive poor service, a 10% tip is appropriate, while good service warrants a 15% tip, and very good service deserves a 20% tip.

Mexicans usually prefer to tip in cash, specifically in Mexican pesos, because it ensures that the tip goes directly to the service provider.

In which places you should tip?

When visiting a coffee shop in Mexico, it’s customary to round up your bill to the nearest ten pesos. For example, if your coffee costs 34 pesos, you can leave 40 pesos to show your appreciation.

If payment is only possible at the cash register, your tip will be divided among the entire staff. In this case, it’s recommended to leave 20 pesos on the table for your server.

Tipping is also an important part of the income for service staff at Mexican hotels. For housekeeping, it’s common to leave 20 pesos per day (approximately $1 USD depending on the current exchange rate) directly for the cleaning staff.

In the nightlife scene, service staff in bars, clubs, and lounges rely heavily on tips since their base salary can be quite low. A tip of 10% to 20% of the bill is normal.

At a barber shop, it’s customary to tip at least 10% of the total cost.

For a massage at a hotel, plan to tip at least 100 pesos.

If you take a tour bus, there may be a basket for tips at the exit of the bus. For a tour guide in Mexico, it’s normal to tip at least 50 to 100 Mexican pesos, depending on the guide, the tour, and the duration of the trip

In Mexico, it’s not customary to tip staff in supermarkets, souvenir shops, and similar stores. However, there is an exception for packers at some supermarkets, who pack your goods and sometimes carry them to your car, similar to the system in the USA. These packers work exclusively on a tip basis, and it’s recommended to tip between 1 to 5 pesos for their service.

If the staff at these stores provides excellent service, such as packing your souvenirs perfectly for a flight back home, it’s common to add a tip to show your appreciation.

In some cases, tipping for small services is also customary in Mexico. For example, street organ players in Mexico City’s historic district rely mostly on tips for their income.

Additionally, a gas station attendant, parking lot attendant, or valet at a restaurant also expects a tip for their services.


Tipping in Mexico is considered an unspoken obligation, much like it is in the US. When dining at a restaurant, it’s expected to tip at least 10% to 20% for the waiter.

In general, small tips are also normal for almost all other services in Mexico. Mexicans prefer to receive tips in Mexican pesos and in cash.

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