5 Best Mexican Spanish Podcast That I Recommend

5 best spanish mexican podcast

Podcasts have become very popular in recent years, covering all kinds of topics, making them a very useful and accessible tool where you can learn and put into practice your knowledge of Spanish, that’s why in this blog I will show you what I consider the 5 best Mexican Spanish podcast. 

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Table of Contents

1. La Verdadera Historia de México

If you are interested in knowing the history of our country, this is one of the best podcasts to do it, through each of its episodes Professor Francisco Mendoza tells us many anecdotes of the history of Mexico. The true history of Mexico began as a radio program in 2012 and has remained until today talking not only about the best known stories, but also about many characters, places and events not so well known, even for Mexicans.

You should not miss this spanish podcast if you want to learn more about Mexico, you can find it in a variety of streaming apps like Apple Podcast, YouTube, Deezer, Spotify, etc.

  • Recommended level: Intermediate/Advanced

2. Easy Spanish

This is a great spanish podcast to practice your listening, we will listen to Paulina and Ivan talking about topics of their daily life including information about the culture of their respective countries. It may not be the best option for beginners since it is completely in Spanish but if you have the right level it will be very helpful to learn more about Spanish, undoubtly one of the best mexican spanish podcast.

  • Recommended level: Intermediate/Advanced

3. Speak Like a Mexican

I would not miss the opportunity to recommend our own podcast where you can find a variety of topics to reinforce your knowledge of the language, some topics such as reflexive verbscultural facts of Mexicosituations of daily life of a Mexican, etc., will serve as a great complement to your Spanish classes. Also don´t hesitate to join our Spanish School in Mexico.

  • Recommended level: Basic/Intermediate

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4. Mitos y Leyendas

If you like myths and legends, this spanish podcast is for you, it has many popular stories from different cultures such as Greek, Nordic, Japanese mythology and many more. The narration, despite having some words that may be a little difficult to understand if you are just starting with the language, you will find it very entertaining to listen to each story while improving your Spanish.

The only negative point of this podcast may be the limited number of stories it has, since you could easily listen to all the chapters in a single day, although that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a lot from them.

  • Recommended level: Basic/Intermediate

5. Relatos de la Noche

If you love horror this is the right spanish podcast for you, here you will listen to different stories, legends and mysteries that circulate the streets of Mexico and Latin America, stories about the woman in black, the chupacabra or the vampire of Chapultepec are a sample of what you will find in this podcast. The narration by Uriel Reyes is very good and immersive, making every time you finish listening to an episode you automatically want to play the next one.

One of the best mexican spanish podcast and a must have in your collection if horror stories are your thing.

  • Recommended level: Intermediate/Advanced

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