3 goodbyes in Spanish – Mexican Spanish Slang

goodbyes in spanish - mexican slang

Why learn mexican spanish slang? In Mexico you will discover almost as many ways of speaking as there are places you visit. And you are likely to hear ways of saying things that just aren’t in the grammar books, and one of those ways is when leaving. So, here I’ll teach you some goodbyes in Spanish you have to know in Mexico.


Mexicans have several ways of saying goodbye in Mexican Spanish slang. In this blog I will share with you: first, the ones we use among friends and only among friends; then, the ones we can call “normal” and, finally, some that are a bit old fashioned but that were used a lot and will show you a little more of Mexican culture. Don’t forget to check the glossary at the end of the blog to know the meaning of those complicated or rare words that can have several meanings.

Table of Contents

1. Goodbyes in Spanish use just among friends

“Camara, camarón, ahí la ves, ya estás…” among other ways of goodbyes in Spanish in mexican spanish slang can only be used when you are in confidence, among friends of your own age and in totally informal situations, remember!


You don’t want to say “cámara” to a gentleman in the market or, even worse, to a police officer at the ministry of foreigners! These words have different meanings that are complicated to explain because they often don’t make sense, such as “cámara” which literally means “camera”; or “camarón = shrimp” which we only use because it sounds similar to “cámara”.

So, remember that these are forms that you may hear among friends and in totally informal situations. Try these Mexican Spanish slang words in your next class with your teacher and let’s see what happens!

2. Commons and diminutives

From the most common one which is “Adiós” which actually refers to God “dios = god”, surely you know “Hasta luego, Hasta mañana, Hasta la próxima”, and the ones we use from other languages like Ciao and Bye, but in Mexico, you have to know, we like to say things in diminutive, even if things are not literally small, and that’s why also goodbyes can be small.


In Mexican Spanish slang you can hear: “Hasta mañanita”, “Adiosito”, “Hasta lueguito”… I know it may sound strange but among friends or when the ladies you know say goodbye to you, maybe a coworker. It is true that it is more frequent among women but it is not exclusive.


Try to use some and maybe you will be wrong because I have never heard to say “byecito” but I don’t know, maybe it will be a new trend soon hahahaha….

goodbyes in Spanish - mexican slang

3. Oldies but goodies

And there were also some forms in mexican spanish slang that we only use them in contexts that we know will understand us, for example, I use one of them with my cousins who always watched the Terminator movie and for a long time, in the 90’s, people used to say “Hasta la vista, beibi”, surely you remember that famous scene of the later governor of California!

Besides that one we can hear: “Ahí nos vidrios*” which again doesn’t make sense but sounds good. I have only heard this phrase among people over fifty years old.

4. Mexican Spanish slang for you

For now I leave you with these ways of saying goodbye and I also leave you an extra that although it doesn’t mean anything, it is very cool because it sounds good: “Aquí se rompió una taza… y cada quien para su casa” (here a cup broke… and everyone goes home), what matters is that “taza” rhymes with “casa”. 

In other entries of this section I will tell you many other things about particular ways of speaking that are great for all foreigners who want to live in this beautiful country.

Right now, I am learning a bit of Spanish Spaniard slang, so maybe later I will write a bit of it too, guys (hahahaha). Feel free to contact us if you want more tips or leave your comments to let us know if you found this blog helpful, or what you’d like us to write about.

“Camera, see ya.” “Adiosito.”


Cámara = camera

Dios = God

Taza = cup

Vidrios = glasses

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