How do you greet in Mexican Spanish slang – 4 considerations

How do you greet in Mexican Spanish slang - 4 considerations

Why learn mexican spanish slang? Learning Spanish might seem simple, in fact, it is. But to feel part of a community it is important to learn Mexican Spanish slang. Learn the special ways, particular to those of us who live in a community, in a specific place. 

In this section of the Speak Like a Mexican Blog I will share with you some of those specific ways of speaking if you want to come to live or spend some time in Mexico. I have to warn you that there are hundreds of different words, depending on the part of the country you are visiting, but without a doubt in this blog you will learn the most useful ones to start the day, to start a conversation, to buy something and to say goodbye, to say goodbye and to meet for next time. Ready to learn mexican spanish slang? Here we go.

Table of Contents

1. It's important to say hello

Since we are children, in Mexico, our grandmothers and our parents tell us that we might say hello; when you arrive to a new place you always hear grandma say “saluda”, or when someone new arrives home grandma asks you “como se dice?” referring to saying “hola or buenos días” (hello or good morning).


I know you know the simplest ways to say “Hola”, to say hello, but now let’s learn new and more colloquial ways to say the same thing. As you know greeting is now an essential part of our culture and whether it is with friends, family, strangers, or whomever, you can imprint a bit of your identity in the words you use to say hello.

2. Unanswered questions

In Mexican Spanish slang we say when a friend or acquaintance enters, as long as the situation is not formal:

 -Qué onda

– Qué pasa.

-Cómo andas/ andan (if there are 2 or more)

-Qué hay


These are questions that do not expect an answer, you are literally asking in all of them what is going on, how is the situation, but we do not expect an answer. They are simply colloquial and more confident ways of greeting. With these greetings you will have a lighter and more confident attitude, so if you already know someone in Mexico you can surprise them with these greetings in Mexican Spanish slang.

Sometimes, you may get to hear even more informal or weird ways of greetings and they are also common but they depend a lot on who and where you hear them. For example:

 -Qué trampa*

-Qué pachuca* (for toluca)


-Qué pedo*

-Qué pez*


All of them are usual. In mexican spanish slang you will discover that it also depends on how you say it, with what intention, but always say it with confidence. In the case of “Holi” it is more and more common among girls, “Qué pachuca por toluca” is about two cities in Mexico and in reality it is used this way because it sounds good, it rhymes, because pachuca and toluca are not very close hahahaha.

How do you greet in Mexican Spanish slang - 4 considerations

3. You can use some swear words

You could also add some of the most common rude words at the end of the question, remember that in Mexico rude words are widely used and you are not necessarily attacking the other person, it all depends on the way and the tone in which you say it. But it will be in another blog of mexican spanish slang that I will teach you how to use the most common rude words with bad intentions and with good intentions, for now you can use something similar to:

Qué onda, wey?

Qué tranza, cabrón?

Qué pedo, banda*?

4. Mexican Spanish slang for you

For now I leave you with these weird ways of saying hello, and for next week I will tell you a little bit about how to say goodbye. Also in this section I will tell you many other things about particular ways of speaking that are great for all foreigners who want to live in this beautiful country.

 I am, for now, learning a little bit of Spanish slang, from Spain, so maybe later I will write a little bit about it too, “tíos” (hahahaha). Feel free to drop us a line if you want more tips or leave your comments to let us know if you found this blog helpful, or what you’d like us to write about. So if you want to learn more mexican spanish slang with us, contact us.

 “Cámara, nos vemos.” Or what it means: “that’s all, see you next time”.


Banda: a gang

Pedo: a fart

Pez: a fish

Pachuca: capital city of Hidalgo State

Toluca: capital city of State of Mexico

Trampa: a trap.

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