7 Basic Commands for Dogs in Spanish

commands for dogs in spanish

Dogs are undoubtedly one of the best pets a human being can have, they give us endless joy but the responsibility to take care of them and educate them is something very important, so I will teach you some commands for dogs in Spanish that will improve your dog’s behavior when you have visitors or when you go out with your dog.

List of Commands for Dogs in Spanish

1. "Mírame" (Look at me)

It is essential to learn this command in order to make the rest of the training much easier, It will take some time for your dog to learn this command but as soon as he realizes what he is doing it will be much easier for him, so be patient.

What you will do is to say the command Mírame (Look at me) in front of your dog while holding a piece of food or any object he wants close to your eyes, making him raise his eyes in your direction, at the beginning it will be complicated but in each try you must make sure that your dog looks at you for a longer time before rewarding him.

2. "Siéntate" (Sit)

The sit command is often the first command people teach their dogs and this helps to prevent other undesirable behaviors. The sit command will help you in several situations, such as preventing your dog from jumping on guests, make him wait while you serve his food, putting on his collar, putting on and taking off his leash and more situations where you need your dog to be seated. 

To begin with, you should use a treat or snack by holding it with your hands in front of your dog’s nose and then slowly lifts the food in front of it over its head, this will make it look up and immediately it will sit naturally.

Just at the moment he sits down or a little before tell him “Siéntate(Sit) and then “Muy bien(Good job) or another key word right away and don’t forget to give him the treat.

3. Échate (Lie down)

Once he has learned the “Séntado(Sit) command, it is time to teach him to lie down in order to avoid unwanted behaviors.

To start make your dog sit in front of you and bring him a treat in your fist, move it to the floor and then slowly move it away from your dog, this will make him follow the movement of your hand moving his paws forward and at the end he will lie down. When he lies down immediately tell him the command “Lay down” and then say something like “Muy Bien(Good job) and reward him.

4. "Quieto" (Stay)

Quieto(Stay) means “don’t move, stay where you are and in the position you are in until I call you”. So it can be taught from any position: standing, sitting or on the floor.

A simple way to start practicing this command is to use a toy like a ball, so while walking with the leash, we slow down until we almost stop and let go of the leash raising one arm with the ball in our hand. When we see the ball the dog will stay still thinking that we want to start playing and we will take a step back and then say “Quieto(Stay). Then we go back to the dog and play with the ball, try to do it daily and every day go back more steps until he has learned it.

5. "Ven" o "Aquí" (Come)

This command is somewhat complicated especially if you try to do it in an environment where there are many distractions for your dog, so if possible start practicing inside your house or in a quiet place and preferably that your dog already knows how to stay in one place before starting with this other command.

What you should do is to use a treat to get his attention, move away from him and then say his name followed by the command in Spanish “Ven” or “Aquí” and when he comes to you make sure to pet him and show him that you are happy he came to you and give him his treat, increase the distance each time until he has learned it completely.

6. "Leave it" and "Drop it"

These two commands can be practiced almost at the same time and are very important to prevent our dog from eating something that could be harmful to his health.

First, to prevent it from eating something from the floor or leaving something that is calling its attention you must use a piece of food and place it on the floor and while you are holding its leash proceed to walk next to the piece of food and when you notice that your dog starts looking it or tries to go towards it we say firmly “No” in Spanish and with the leash we pull it towards us slowly and immediately when it leaves the piece of food aside we reward it with a treat or caress.

Each time you should pass closer and closer to the piece of food and if by some carelessness the dog manages to take the food you should use the command in Spanish “Suelta(Drop it).  To practice this command you can use a toy and when he has it in his mouth put a piece of food in front of his nose, once he leaves the toy for the food say the command, do this until your dog has learned the command.

7. "Conmigo" or "Al lado" (With me)

commands for dogs in spanish 7

Going for a walk with your dog is very common but there are times when some dogs are so excited to go out that they pull you and make you walk faster.

Of course the ideal is that the dog walks next to you so to achieve this while you are standing with the dog and holding the leash say the command “Conmigo” or “Al lado(With me) and start walking, if the dog starts to get ahead use the leash to pull him a little and continue saying the command, if it gets too far ahead stop immediately and then say “No” to let it know it did wrong and after a few seconds start again.

One thing you must make sure of is that you must choose a side for this command, either your right or left side and do not change it so your dog does not get confused and it will understand what you are trying to do.

Remember that you can read articles about dogs in Spanish for growth all your Spanish Vocabulary and enjoy the companionship of your pet. 

If you have difficulties to pronounce these commands I recommend you to check this blog to practice and improve your Spanish with only 10 minutes a day and also take a look at the options to learn Spanish.

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