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foods of mexico

One of the main reasons why Mexico is recognized in the world is because of its gastronomy, the great variety of foods of Mexico makes it one of the most interesting points for all the tourists that want or plan to visit the country.

In this blog we will talk about 5 of the most popular mexican dishes, its origin and the way they are prepared so you can have a clearer idea of them.

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1. Mole

It is said that there are many types of mole, such as “mole verde”, “mole rojo”, “mole de Xico”, etc., but the most popular is “mole negro” and it is believed that there are more than 50 types of mole prepared in different ways depending on the place and the person.

The most famous mole is “mole poblano”, which comes from the state of Puebla and contains a large amount of ingredients such as chocolate or cocoa, pasilla chile, ancho chile, almonds, ajonjoli, etc. 

Mole can vary from a spicy to a sweet flavor and is commonly served with chicken or turkey and accompanied with rice, although it is also a dish that is served in different ways.

The origin of mole is not very clear and there are several legends that try to tell its origin but it is believed that it was prepared since pre-Hispanic times where it was a very special dish that was served only as an offering to the gods.

2. Pozole

The origin goes back to pre-Hispanic times but this time its history is somewhat murky, it is said that the pozole was prepared with human flesh, but not just any human but with the bodies of captives, especially it is said that the warriors who went to war, returned victorious with the body of their rivals and these were used as meat for pozole making those who ate it did so to feel powerful.

There are different variants of pozole, the most popular are three: white, red and green, and depending on the place, for example in the state of Guerrero is more common the green variant, but in general each one is prepared with corn and served with chicken or pork and accompanied by lettuce, radishes, lemon, onion and corn tortilla toasts.


3. Chilaquiles

This dish is very common and you can find it in almost any place in the country since it is a very popular breakfast dish.

It is a simple dish, consisting of a set of pieces of fried tortilla mixed with a sauce, accompanied by chicken or egg but such additions depend on the person who is going to consume them although in most of the occasions they are put cream, cheese and onion on top.

It is believed that it is a dish that also has its origin in pre-Hispanic times because of the ingredients used for its preparation, although the oldest known record dates from 1821 in a recipe book that compiled foods of mexico.

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4. Chiles en Nogada

This is one of the most famous foods of Mexico and also in the state of Puebla, and it is said that it was created with the intention of commemorating the national holidays, especially the independence of Mexico, being this the date in which it is most consumed. 

There are many legends surrounding the creation of this dish and although currently it is said that it was created as a symbol of the Mexican flag as you can see the colors of the Mexican flag, most people believe it was made by nuns in the Santa Monica covenant in Puebla with the motive of celebrating the independence Agustín de Iturbide, but there is no history that is confirmed.

Chiles en hogada are prepared with a poblano chile as a base, stuffed with meat that is previously prepared and mixed with fruits, and covered with a sauce made of walnuts and with a little pomegranate on top.


5. Cochinita Pibil

Originally from the state of Yucatán, it is one of the dishes for which Mexican gastronomy is best known, it was traditionally consumed to celebrate the Day of the Dead.

In its beginnings the meat that was used for its preparation was deer, turkey or pheasant, but after the conquest of the Spaniards, pork began to be used and seasoned with achiote.

It is eaten in different variants such as torta or tacos and is also accompanied with the typical Yucatecan sauce “xnipec“, which consists of a combination of red onion and habanero chili.


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