Is Mexican Spanish the same as Spain Spanish? – 3 differences

is mexican spanish and spain spanish the same

Hi, I’m Fernando and I’ve been traveling around Spain lately, and I’ll answer: is mexican spanish and Spain Spanish the same? I’m actually writing this blog from the beautiful city of Madrid! And while walking around the city or meeting friends in the bars of the city, I hear so many different ways of speaking Spanish that I am surprised.

Well, the simplest answer is that they are the same. Spanish comes from the language that was spoken in Castile, “Castilian” which later became the official language of the Spanish Empire and that is why we know it as Spanish. But I can also tell you that they are not the same Spanish, that it has differences that are sometimes sympathetic, sometimes incomprehensible, and sometimes barely noticeable.


We will see some differences in pronunciation, a little bit of history to make it clearer to you why the differences and, finally, differences in vocabulary, some words that mean different things in each country, and same meanings in different words. But the most important thing is that you know that not only in Mexico and Spain there are differences, but basically in every country where Spanish is spoken. But Spain and Mexico have always been very close countries, so come on! “A por ello”, they would say in Spain. Here are the main answers to whether is mexican spanish and spain spanish the same.

Table of Contents

1. Pronunciation

The first big difference and answer is mexican spanish and spain spanish the same is pronunciation. I always tell my students that Spanish is an easy language to pronounce, or at least in Mexico, since we do not differentiate between sounds that in Spain we do. The sounds of “s”, “c”, and “z” are the same in Mexico = “s”. So all words like “cena, sena, o zona” in Mexican Spanish sound like “S” “sena, sena, sona”. And how do we tell the difference? Good question! 


The same happens with the “v” and “b”, although I hear less and less effort in the Spanish to differentiate them, I remember the first time I came to Spain I did hear that difference that in Mexico does not exist either, so “vaca”, “banca” in Mexico sound the same “baca y banca”.


These small differences at the moment of putting them in a sentence, in a conversation start to be really a big difference and many times it makes other words sound different and then confusions can begin for people who are just learning to speak Spanish, but the best recommendation I can make to improve this aspect is to listen a lot of time to the pronunciation of the country where you will live.


For me, who was born in Mexico, my first weeks here in Spain it took me a little bit of work to get used to the sounds and sometimes I got lost in conversations, so don’t worry if it happens to you a little bit at the beginning, it’s normal. So is mexican spanish and spain spanish the same? In this case, no.

2. is mexican spanish and spain spanish the same for you?

Here at Speak Like a Mexican we strive for you to learn the best Mexican Spanish possible, because most of our students go to Mexico or Latin America, and Mexican Spanish is more understandable in all countries because it is more neutral. But we also like the students to learn the differences because they are very useful and because it is very likely that you will be in Spain sometime and also because it is a lot of fun to explain the differences.


So during our individual sessions you will find more and more detailed differences, plus you can ask your tutor to explain some specific differences according to the type of vocabulary you are interested in. 

3. A bit of history

As I explained at the beginning of the blog, the official name of Spanish is “Castilian” because it was the language spoken in “Castilla” the kingdom that unified the other kingdoms we know today as Spain, and then the Kingdom of Spain occupied the territory of Latin America and turned it into “La nueva España“.


So for the next 300 years almost all of Latin America learned Castilian or Spanish as the official language, and by 1810 Mexico achieved its independence from the Spanish Kingdom, but by then Spanish was already the most spoken language among its inhabitants so it was kept as the official language. is mexican spanish and spain spanish the same? In this case, yes.

mexican spanish and spain spanish

4. Vocabulary and useful phrases

There are many words that answer the question “is mexican spanish and spain spanish the same? For example: “gafas y lentes” lentes; “chaqueta y chamarra” jacket; “chandal y pants” pants; “ordenador y computadora”; computer and hundreds of other words. But I would like to teach you some useful phrases that you can use right away:

Spain. Mexico English

“Qué guay” “Qué padre” cool 

“Me mola” “Me gusta” i like it

“Quedamos?” “Salimos?” Should we hang out?

“Me cuesta mogollón” “Me cuesta mucho” It is really hard

“A por ello” “Vamos” Let’s go

“Flipo de colores” “Me sorprendió” surprises me!

“Me meo de risa” “Me cago de la risa” It is so funny!

5. Last important difference

is mexican spanish and spain spanish the same? In this difference, no. Ustedes and Vosotros, which in Mexico Vosotros is NEVER used and in Spain it is, so if you want to learn Spanish from Spain you will have to learn one more conjugation in each verb tense!!! Better in Mexican, right?


So don’t forget that although it is the same language there will always be differences, but everyone will understand you, if you speak Spanish in Mexico or in Spain or any country that speaks Spanish. You just need to speak up! 

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