7 Best Life Quotes in Spanish For Your Daily Life

life quotes in spanish

We have all heard a phrase that has stayed with us because it serves as motivation or inspiration. Below you will find some life quotes in Spanish and that in general have been passed down from generation to generation, I hope they help you to learn something new in Spanish and also make you reflect on life and personal values.

Life Quotes in Spanish

life quotes in spanish

1. La vida te prepara para que seas capaz de crear tu propio final feliz.

It literally means: Life prepares you to be able to create your own happy ending. This phrase suggests that life presents us with challenges and obstacles along the way, and that it is our responsibility to face these challenges and overcome them in order to create a happy and fulfilling future for ourselves.

life quotes in spanish 2

2. La primera obligación de todo ser humano es ser feliz, la segunda es hacer feliz a los demás.

This phrase translates as: The first obligation of every human being is to be happy, the second is to make others happy. Some interpretations of this phrase suggest that happiness and joy are essential values that we should seek and cultivate in our lives, and that we should try to share these things with others to create a more positive and loving world.

life quotes in spanish

3. El mundo nace cuando dos se besan.

Its translation would be: “The world is born when two kiss”. Generally speaking, this phrase refers to the idea that love and connection between two people can be very powerful and can have a positive impact on the world. This can include the power to create deeper and more meaningful relationships, the power to inspire and motivate others, and the power to create a more loving and positive environment in the world.

life quotes in spanish

4. No estudio por saber más, sino por ignorar menos.

In English it means “I don’t study to know more, but to ignore less” and refers to the importance of knowledge and intellectual curiosity. By studying, we can learn new things and reduce our ignorance on different subjects. This phrase can be interpreted as a call to the constant search for knowledge and intellectual curiosity as a way of enriching ourselves as people.

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5. No hay que llorar la muerte, es mejor celebrar la vida.

It can be literally translated as “Don’t mourn death, it is better to celebrate life” and means that instead of mourning the loss of a loved one or the end of something, it is more valuable to focus on the good moments and the positive things in life. 

This phrase can be interpreted as a call to live the present fully and to be grateful for what we have, instead of focusing on what is gone. Death is an inevitable fact of life, but it is important to remember that life is a gift and that we should make the most of every moment.

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6. Hay algo tan necesario como el pan de cada día, y es la paz de cada día; la paz sin la cual el mismo pan es amargo.

Its translation is: “There is something as necessary as daily bread, and that is daily peace; the peace without which the bread itself is bitter”. This phrase can be interpreted as a call to the importance of peace and harmony in our lives, and how these things can transform even the simplest and most everyday situations. 

Peace is a value that can be understood in many ways, from the absence of conflict or war to tranquility and emotional balance. Whatever its interpretation, it is important to remember that peace is an essential element for living fully and happily.

life quotes in spanish

7. Mejor morir de pie que que vivir toda la vida arrodillado.

A well-known quote attributed to Mexican leader Emiliano Zapata, Zapata was a fighter for land reform and peasant rights in Mexico during the Mexican Revolution, and is known for his ideas and actions in favor of social justice and equality. 

The translation of the phrase is “Better to die on your feet than to live all your life on your knees” and has as its meaning the fact that it is preferable to die fighting for our beliefs and values, rather than living submissive and without dignity. This phrase can be interpreted as a call for bravery and courage, and the importance of defending what we consider right and just, even in difficult situations.

Thanks for reading this blog post, I hope is useful for you! 

life quotes in mexico

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