3 goodbyes in Spanish – Part 2

goodbyes in spanish

Goodbyes in Spanish, from the most common one which is “Adiós” which actually refers to God “dios = god”, surely you know “Hasta luego, Hasta mañana, Hasta la próxima”, and the ones we use from other languages like Ciao and Bye;

but in Mexico, you have to know, we like to say things in diminutive, in small even if things are not literally small, and that’s why also goodbyes can be small. “cioacito, nos vemos prontito”

By the way, in a previous blog I have left you other more common ways to say goodbye, but in this blog I have focused on two very common situations, when we are in a formal situation and when there is love involved. It’s always nice to fall in love, but saying goodbye to the one you love?

3 goodbyes in Spanish - Part 2

1. Goodbyes in spanish, formal way

You may also find yourself in certain situations where you need to say goodbye but in a more formal way, for example at the airport, at work, in a government office.

Mexico is a country where people are very “respectful” of the elderly. I put it in quotation marks because it is more of a cultural tradition to talk to them about you than respect.

The same thing happens with people who have a higher rank in our work or who have a position of power in any place. My recommendation is that with these people you also say goodbye in a formal manner.

Here goodbyes in spanish, formal ways:

“Que esté muy bien!” I hope you to be great (formal)

“Qué tenga un excelente día!” Have an excellent day!

“Le agradezco mucho, hasta luego!” Thank you very much, Goodbye.

2. Why saying goodbye to your Spanish progress?

In this blog I have shared with you more goodbyes in spanish before, like with friends and people you trust a lot, or those old but nice ways to say goodbye, that may not be the most common but they are great to say and will sound perfect for someone who is learning Spanish.

I also want to tell you that we can meet some day, in person or online to review from the simplest Spanish ideas to the deepest slang in Mexico, just write us and we can help you.

But before we say goodbye I leave you with these necessary forms to end a relationship, to use goodbyes in Spanish but now in its love version; or also to say goodbye to your love.

goodbyes in spanish

3. Goodbye in Spanish, love version

The classic to break up a relationship, “it’s not you it’s me; No eres tú soy yo”; or “I’m not well right now; No estoy bien ahora mismo”; some more sincere but direct, “I’d rather we end the relationship here, prefiero terminar la relación aquí” or “I don’t want to stay in this relationship anymore; ya no quiero estar en esta relación”; 

and if you want to ask well cheer up, “can we still be friends?; podemos seguir siendo amigos?”

And if it’s about going to sleep, or saying goodbye by text message to your love, just say or write something like, “I love you, see you tomorrow; te amo, nos vemos mañana”, “rest, dream nice; descansa, sueña lindo”, “see you tomorrow, love; hasta mañana amor” or something like that, I guess everyone has particular ways of saying it.

You and I are not done here so “Nos vemos la próxima“.

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