Mexico City Climate – 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Mexico City climate has been affected by climate change and urbanization over the years, every year the hot season starts earlier than expected. It is well known that there used to be a large number of lakes in the city and that they disappeared as urbanization increased, as well as part of the vegetation, which caused increases in temperature and rainfall. 

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Mexico City is one of the most popular tourist places in Latin America and this is due to the great amount of things to do throughout the capital so if you are interested and plan to visit the city you should know how is the weather throughout the year and be prepared for your visit, also if you are planning to come to Mexico City you can take our immersion experience.

1. Temperature

Mexico City has in general terms a temperate climate, humid and in some places dry, the temperature varies between 6C and 27C degrees throughout the year, the highest temperature is usually in the month of May, in fact the highest temperature recorded in Mexico City has been 33.9 C degrees on May 9, 1998 and the lowest temperatures are usually in the month of January, although in this case the lowest recorded has been -10 on December 16, 1972. 

However, it is very rare for temperatures to exceed 30 degrees Celsius or to drop below 5 degrees Celsius, it has only happened on certain special occasions or when there is a natural phenomenon occurring.

2. Rainfall

In the capital of the country the rainiest months are June and August, in May is the month where the rains begin and in the coming months, especially between November and April is very rare that it rains but it can happen between two to four times during those months and in October is when the last rains occur.

During the rainy season also come to occur with hail, so this is a very important factor to take into account when traveling to the city, it is worth mentioning that the rains usually balance the high temperatures that occur in those seasons.

3. What is the best time to visit Mexico City?

Depending of course on where you come from and what you are most interested in seeing in the city, this question has many answers but it is best to avoid the rainy season so you can visit the places you want to visit with peace of mind, although curiously it is usually one of the most frequented seasons by tourists.

If what you want is to witness some of the biggest festivities in the city the months of November and December for the festivities of Christmas and the Day of the Dead.

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mexico city climate

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