How to use “Preterite pedir” in Spanish ? – Useful verbs #3

preterite pedir

Hello again, here we are in a bit of grammar (preterite pedir), where as you know, I share with you some of the rules and cases that can be very necessary or sometimes rare in Spanish, and in Mexican Spanish.

The past tense in Spanish has at least 3 possibilities and that makes it a bit complicated, but don’t worry, for now we will only review the preterite simple and in the particular case of the verb pedir because it is an irregular verb but it can be used to conjugate other similar verbs.

In this blog we will start with some grammar for the irregular preterite, then with the conjugation of “pedir” and other similar verbs, and we will finish with the meaning(s) and the most common uses of the verb “pedir”. Let’s go! Vamos!

What's the conjugation of verb "pedir" in Spanish preterite?

1. The irregular past tense of "pedir"

Maybe you already know the meaning of pedir, but for now it is not important to know it, what matters is to understand how it is structured and then why it becomes irregular, and by understanding it you will learn that it is the same for other verbs that sound and are written similarly. I will explain the meaning later.

Preterite Pedir, reír, hervir, hervir, sonreír, medir, servir, and other similar verbs that have an “e” before the ending “-ir” are conjugated in the preterite simple in the same way as pedir, that’s why it is important to learn this verb.

Basically, as we will see below, the change is in the third person singularél, ella” and the third person plural “ellos, ellas” change the “e” for an “i”, and this is why it is irregular preterite pedir, otherwise it would sound very strange, take a look:

2. Pedir conjugation: preterite tense

  1. yo












*Irregular forms in bold.

Now you could do the same with the other verbs like “reír, reír, reí, reíste, rió, reímos, rieron” or whatever you want, try it and if you want to know if it’s right write me.

preterite pedir

3. Common meanings and uses of "pedir"

Pedir is a Spanish verb meaning to order, to ask for. Pedir is conjugated as an irregular verb in the preterite tense. Pedir appears on the 100 Most Used Spanish Preterite Tense Verbs Poster as the 24th most used irregular verb. So, it is very worthwhile to study preterite pedir.

In Mexico we ask for the bill, we ask for the food, we ask for permission to enter, we ask god for a miracle, we ask for a favor, we ask for the time, we ask for a phone number, we ask, we ask, we ask, we ask, we ask, all the time hahaha.

(Yo) pedí un favor a una amiga. (I) asked a friend for a favor.

Ella pidió agua y el mesero trajo refresco. She ordered water and the waiter brought soda.

Ayer hacía mucho frío, los estudiantes pidieron prender la calefacción. Yesterday it was very cold, the students asked to turn on the heat. 

Ella pidió a dios que su madre se curara. She asked god for her mother to be cured.

4. Preterite and other tenses

I hope now you are clearer on how to conjugate “pedir” and those verbs that are similar. If you have a doubt, you want me to explain other verbs, write to us and we will be glad to help you. I will be uploading more blogs like this preterite pedir in this section a bit of grammar. 

Remember to practice: singing, reading, writing, having conversations with friends or strangers wherever you go. You can also sign up for a 10 hour on-line conversation with me or other teacher here in speak like a mexican, and we will help you more specifically with your needs.

See you soon

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