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Learn Spanish with stories – La leyenda del maíz – Slow Spanish

Learn Spanish with stories like this one will help you to improve your skills while learning about Mexican culture. The next is story is an interpretation of the Aztec’s culture about Corn, one of the most popular and traditional foods in Mexico.

We are adding a Spanish translation -text and youtube video- so you will be able to practice your reading and pronunciation skills; at the end of the blog, you will find extra information about some specific cultural words. 

Learn Spanish with stories: La leyenda del maíz

La leyenda cuenta que detrás de unas grandes y poderosas montañas se encontraba el maíz, preciado alimento que los aztecas deseaban, porque solo tenían raíces y algunos animales que cazaban para alimentarse, pero al ser las montañas demasiado difíciles de atravesar, decidieron pedir ayuda a los dioses.

Los dioses que escucharon las plegarias de los Aztecas intentaron ayudarlos tratando de mover las montañas, pero ni con su enorme fuerza pudieron lograrlo, fue así que como última alternativa los Aztecas pidieron ayuda al dios Quetzalcóatl.

El dios Quetzalcóatl decidido ayudarles, pero en vez de utilizar su enorme poder en su lugar observo con detenimiento la situación y logro ver como una pequeña hormiga roja que descendía de las montañas traía consigo un grano de maíz.

Quetzalcóatl habló con la hormiga roja y esta accedió a guiarlo en el camino hacia el maíz, por lo que el dios se transformó en una hormiga negra y junto a la otra hormiga emprendieron camino a través de las montañas.

El viaje era largo y lleno de grandes peligros y obstáculos, pero al final lo lograron, Quetzalcóatl se acercó, tomó un grano de maíz con sus mandíbulas y emprendieron el camino de vuelta que ahora con la carga el viaje sería más difícil.

A pesar de la dificultad, Quetzalcóatl logro volver con el grano de maíz y después de agradecerle a la hormiga roja que lo acompaño, le entrego el grano a los Aztecas que a continuación sembraron y cosecharon, fue entonces que los Aztecas decidieron venerar por siempre al gran dios que les trajo el maíz, Quetzalcóatl.

The legend tells that behind some great and powerful mountains there was corn, a precious food that the Aztecs wanted, because they only had roots and some animals that they hunted for food, but since the mountains were too difficult to cross, they decided to ask the gods for help.

The gods who heard the Aztecs’ prayers tried to help them trying to move the mountains, but not even with their enormous strength could they do it, so as a last resort the Aztecs asked the god Quetzalcoatl for help.


The god Quetzalcoatl decided to help them, but instead of using his enormous power, he observed the situation carefully and managed to see how a small red ant descended from the mountains carrying a grain of corn.

Quetzalcoatl talked to the red ant and it agreed to guide him on the way to the corn, so the god transformed himself into a black ant and together with the other ant they set off across the mountains.


The journey was long and full of great dangers and obstacles, but in the end they made it, Quetzalcoatl approached, took a grain of corn with his jaws and they started the way back, but now with the load the journey would be more difficult.

In spite of the difficulty, Quetzalcoatl managed to return with the grain of corn and after thanking the red ant that accompanied him, he gave the grain to the Aztecs who then sowed and harvested, it was then that the Aztecs decided to worship forever the great god who brought them the corn, Quetzalcoatl.

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Quetzalcoatl: the greatest Aztec god.

Aztecas: or Mexicas were the main and last culture in Mesoamerica before Spain arrived.

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