“Spanish Learning Through Stories – My Life Doing Sports (Beginner Level A1-A2)” Mi vida haciendo deportes

Spanish Learning Through Stories

Are you a beginner-level Spanish learner looking for an engaging way to improve your language skills? Discover the world of language acquisition through captivating stories with our latest blog post.

In this post, we dive into the narrative “My Life Doing Sports,” specifically tailored for Spanish learners at the beginner levels A1-A2. Through this story, you’ll embark on a linguistic journey, immersing yourself in everyday situations while acquiring essential vocabulary and grammar structures.

Explore how storytelling can make language learning fun and effective as we break down key elements of the story, highlighting useful phrases and expressions. Whether you’re just starting your Spanish learning adventure or looking for fresh resources to enhance your skills, this blog post offers valuable insights and a sneak peek into the power of narrative in language acquisition.


Cuando era niño, solía jugar al fútbol todos los días en el parque cerca de mi casa y también en la escuela. Cada día, a la hora del recreo, jugaba fútbol con mis compañeros. 

Me encantaba correr detrás del balón y celebrar cada gol. A veces ganábamos y a veces perdíamos. 

El fútbol es muy popular en mi país.

Recuerdo que todos mis amigos querían ser un famoso futbolista. Había una caricatura sobre fútbol que yo veía todos los días y también muchos de mis amigos veían​​. Se llama Super campeones. 

¿Tú conoces esta caricatura?

Recuerdo que había muchos equipos que jugaban todos los fines de semana. Recuerdo que me uní a un equipo, fui a algunos entrenamientos y jugué algunos partidos, pero yo no era bueno jugando. Recuerdo que hice muchos amigos y ahora tengo muchos recuerdos.

Otro deporte que practiqué cuando era un niño fue “andar en bicicleta”

Cuando era niño, me encantaba andar en bicicleta con mis amigos durante los fines de semana.

Solíamos salir temprano por la mañana y explorar nuevos lugares en nuestros paseos en bicicleta. Recuerdo cómo nos divertíamos mientras andábamos en bicicleta, exploramos varios lugares en nuestro vecindario y conocimos otros vecindarios.

Recuerdo que un día encontramos un río y nos detuvimos para descansar y refrescarnos. Algunos de mis amigos metieron sus pies en el agua y nos reímos. 

También descubrimos algunos bosques que estaban en mi ciudad, fui muchas veces a andar en bicicleta con mis amigos. 

También me gustaba salir en bicicleta porque iba a la tienda a comprar helado y otros dulces. 

Además de los deportes de equipo, como el fútbol y el voleibol, también me apasiona el senderismo y la montaña. Hace unos años, solía hacer excursiones con mi familia y amigos, y cada viaje era una nueva aventura que siempre recordaré con cariño.

Recuerdo cómo nos levantábamos temprano en la mañana para preparar nuestras mochilas y viajar a la montaña. 

Caminábamos en los bosques. Respirábamos el aire fresco de las montañas ¡Nuestra meta siempre era llegar a la cima para disfrutar de las vistas impresionantes que nos esperaban!

Durante nuestras caminatas, charlábamos y nos reíamos sin parar. ¡Mis amigos y yo éramos como un equipo unido. A veces encontrábamos ríos en el camino y teníamos que cruzarlos con cuidado. Pero eso era muy emocionante.

A veces también acampábamos en la montaña, hacíamos fogata y cenábamos.


“When I was a child, I used to play soccer every day in the park near my house and also at school. Every day, during recess, I played soccer with my classmates.

I loved chasing the ball and celebrating every goal. Sometimes we won, and sometimes we lost.

Soccer is very popular in my country.

I remember all my friends wanted to be a famous football player. There was a cartoon about soccer that I watched every day, and many of my friends watched it too. It’s called “Super Campeones” (Captain Tsubasa).

Do you know this cartoon?

I remember there were many teams that played every weekend. I remember joining a team, attending some practices, and playing some matches, but I wasn’t good at playing. I made many friends, though, and now I have many memories.

Another sport I practiced when I was a child was cycling.

When I was a child, I loved cycling with my friends on weekends.

We used to go out early in the morning and explore new places on our bike rides. I remember how much fun we had while cycling, exploring various places in our neighborhood and getting to know other neighborhoods.

I remember one day we found a river and stopped to rest and cool off. Some of my friends dipped their feet in the water, and we laughed.

We also discovered some forests in my city, and I went cycling with my friends many times.

I also liked going cycling because I could go to the store to buy ice cream and other sweets.

In addition to team sports like soccer and volleyball, I am also passionate about hiking and mountain climbing. A few years ago, I used to go on hikes with my family and friends, and each trip was a new adventure that I will always cherish.

I remember how we would wake up early in the morning to pack our backpacks and head to the mountains.

We would hike in the forests, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and our goal was always to reach the summit to enjoy the breathtaking views that awaited us!

During our hikes, we would chat and laugh non-stop. My friends and I were like a close-knit team. Sometimes we would come across rivers on the trail and had to cross them carefully, but that was very exciting.

Sometimes we would also camp in the mountains, make a campfire, and have dinner.”

In conclusion, our childhood experiences shape us in countless ways, and for many of us, sports and outdoor activities played a significant role in those formative years. Whether it was the thrill of scoring goals on the soccer field, the joy of exploring new places on a bicycle, or the sense of achievement when conquering a mountain peak, these memories are treasures that we carry with us throughout our lives.

As we reflect on these precious moments from our past, we also recognize the enduring value of staying active, both physically and mentally. Language learning, much like sports, is a journey that requires dedication, practice, and perseverance. Just as we used to chase a soccer ball or pedal through unknown neighborhoods, we now embark on a linguistic adventure, pursuing fluency in a foreign language.

So, whether you’re learning Spanish through captivating stories or conquering new heights in your language proficiency, remember that every step, every word learned, and every goal achieved brings you closer to your ultimate destination. Just as we did in our youth, let’s continue to embrace life’s adventures with the same enthusiasm and determination.

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