How to Learn Spanish in Mexico and Salsa Lessons

learn spanish in mexico

Learn Spanish in Mexico

That’s it, the decision is made: you are going on a Spanish language journey! And the interest of a language trip to Mexico is not only to progress in Spanish but above all to acquire vocabulary and everyday expressions that you do not learn in college or high school!


Before coming to Mexico, we advise you to study some Spanish so you will not be lost and you will make the most out of it! 


Also download a dictionary and some popular apps to learn Spanish, always useful for learning vocabulary words! Also take a notebook in which you will write down the few words to memorize.


is it good ? So Mexico is yours!

Optimize your Spanish Language stay

Mexico is one of the most developed countries in Latin America. Mexico is relatively well connected to Europe and North America. On the one hand, this leads to cheaper flight prices, but on the other hand, it also leads to shorter flights with endless transfers. There are direct flights from Mexico City and Cancun to several cities in Europe or North America.


If you stay longer in one place, you should also feel comfortable there. For me, that includes good food. While you get bored pretty quickly in Central America because there is always rice with beans, in Mexico you will not only find incredibly delicious food but also versatile cuisine.


Above all, Mexico is also a good choice in terms of route strategy: From Mexico City or the Yucatan Peninsula, you can always travel comfortably to the southeast and do the classic Gringo Trail.

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Every day during your language stay, remember your goal: to improve your Spanish. Whether you are a beginner or already have an advanced level, you will be able through this experience to revise or acquire the basics of Spanish, improve your oral comprehension, your pronunciation, acquire new words, etc. For this, exchanges with native speakers will be essential!


Spanish lessons will allow you to improve certain aspects of the language (grammar or comprehension for example); be diligent and above all: participate as much as you can! This is a unique opportunity to practice Spanish with a native Spanish-speaking teacher and improve your language level. With intensive courses (whether private lessons with a dedicated teacher or group lessons in small groups).


Conjugation of verbs, use of the famous Hispanic subjunctive, your Spanish teacher will help you to accelerate your level both orally and in writing. Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world, so become one of its speakers and learn spanish in mexico!

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Outside of class, and through all the little events of the day you can learn spanish by : ask for directions, do your shopping, take a bus, have lunch with other people: everything should be an excuse to express yourself in Spanish! Use Spanish as much as you can, and gradually remember to use your knowledge, listen to intonations, refine your accent, adopt new turns of phrase. This is how you may manage to speak Spanish fluently, or even become bilingual!


You can also complete your learning with other methods such as reading in Spanish, watching television, listening to podcasts or downloading an app: anything that can motivate you is good to take.

Do you love the southern temperament and want to pursue your passion for dancing during your Spanish language stay? How about a Spanish language course combined with a dance course? Whether salsa in Cuba, flamenco in Spain or tango in Argentina, there is something for every dance enthusiast.


Language schools in countries where dancing is firmly anchored in the culture often offer a complete package where you can take a dance course directly after the lesson. Normally you attend a standard course with 20 lessons per week and also have one dance lesson per day. In the evening you can then apply your newly acquired skills directly in one of the numerous dance halls.


learn spanish in mexico

After a busy week in a new environment, you will certainly feel a little tired.

Take advantage of your free time to relax, visit the city, go to the park, play sports. Taste mexican food, try salsa or cumbia, in short: live the Mexican way, you’ll see how much fun it is! These moments of relaxation will also be an excellent opportunity to put your language skills into practice and to discover Mexican culture.


In a complete immersion, Spanish will soon become your favorite living language! At the end of your stay, you will string together the sentences and follow the conversations “without messing up your hair” (sin despeinarse).


In conclusion…

Immersion is the best way to learn Spanish!


So check out our Spanish language immersion in Mexico and make your choice! Spanish school in Mexico City, cultural immersion, cooking lessons our formula offers beginners and experienced learners an intensive Spanish immersion with linguistic progress and cultural openness.

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